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ParlGov 2014 clean-up

We are in the process of cleaning up the data in ParlGov. Our goal is to provide reliable data for parties, elections and cabinets in “all EU and OECD democracies”. We are almost there with only some OECD countries and a few election results (EU members) of parties that won no seats missing. However, the documentation still leaves room for improvement and there need to be some more routines that check for data consistency.

Currently, we are completing a new version of the webpage and are cleaning up the code that runs the page and calculates the data. There has been a lot of cruft over the years and often new tools provide more straight forward solutions. ParlGov needs some streamlining to be maintainable for the years to come.

We trim down on our earlier aspirations and are removing all countries that are neither EU nor OECD members. This affects data in the experimental version only. There will also be some changes to the linking of political parties.

We will provide news entries once we have completed the respective clean-ups.

Again, none of this should effect information in the development version of ParlGov but only additional data in the experimental version (guest login required).