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Static ParlGov web page


The new static page at parlgov.org is a gateway to recent additions to the ParlGov data (development version).

The ParlGov project is active and alive. Currently, we are adding the data for the first half of 2021.

Here, we will provide project news and updates of the data.

In September 2021, our long term hosting of the dynamic web page ended. Unfortunately, we were not able to migrate the page — see details below.


Our hosting at webfaction.com ended on 15. September 2021 when the Webfaction platform was switched off.

We were hosting different versions of ParlGov at Webfaction since 2007. Thanks Webfaction!

However, our Python/Django implementation has become rather idiosyncratic over the years.

So when the service at Webfaction ended, we had to decide about the future of the dynamic page. Unfortunately, at this point we are convinced that we can not provide a robust and secure public version of the dynamic page. That is why we have decided to use this static page for now.

We have an internal workflow to work with the old implementation of the page to update the database. However, the Web, Python and Django have evolved. The codebase of the ParlGov dynamic page has not and that’s why we have made this difficult decision.